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Conscious pieces to brighten up your Cocoon

Win-Win for everyone

Conscious Cocoon - these 2 words means so much more to us than just our brand name. It is a mission statement on how to conduct our business.

Conscious: We care about our products and the footprint they leave behind in this world. Starting with the manufacturing process, we source our products only from suppliers which we know ourselves. We know that employees are treated & paid well, not only in line with international minimum standards, but also with our own ethical principles, to make a real difference to the communities and their families in India. We are consciously designing products in which the raw materials are selected (where possible) from renewable sources and produced with low ecological impact. We offset the CO2 footprint that we generate through our activities, e.g. through shipping. We are consciously cutting out the middle-man from our business activities to provide you with modern and aesthetic products that we love, and to being able to keep your prices down.  

Cocoon: We love cozy homes - and we have just seen enough of uninspiring furniture that you find in every other apartment. This was our feeling when we started our journey with Conscious Cocoon, and it still is today. For us, a home needs to be like a cocoon, giving you the feeling of warmth and coziness. We try to bring this feeling to your doorstep by choosing the colors and shapes that give us this touch.  We would like to enable you to present your individual, yet chic style by providing you with furniture that you love and that just suits your cocoon.